2023-06-06 University of Yamanashi | Prof. Katsuyoshi Kakinuma received the FCDIC Academic Award
2023-06-05 北陆先端科学技术大学院大学 | Commenced Commercialization of a Biosensor That Uses a Solid-Electrolyte Thin-Film Transistor - Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Nucleic Acids and Pathogens in a Short Time -
2023-06-05 University of Yamanashi | Electrical and Electronic Eng. Graduate student Ryo Okawa won the Best Students Poster Paper Award at the 12th Advanced Lasers and Photon Sources, ALPS2023
2023-05-25 北陆先端科学技术大学院大学 | [June 14, 2023]The 2nd Seminar of Research Areas(Next-generation Digital Infrastructure Research Area)"Machine Learning and Cybersecurity: A Tale of Two Buzzwords"
2023-05-25 University of Yamanashi | Electrical and Electronic Eng. Graduate students Ryoki Komori and Nozomu Omata won the presentation awards at the 71st Annual Conference on Mass Spectrometry, Japan (May 2023)
2023-05-23 University of Yamanashi | Signing ceremony for an interdepartmental exchange agreement between the Rajamangala University of Technology Isan in Thailand and Faculty of Engineering, University of Yamanashi
2023-05-19 University of Yamanashi | International exchange class with the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia!
2023-05-16 北陆先端科学技术大学院大学 | Research Project by Assistant Professor JAVAID, Next-generation Digital Infrastructure Research Area, has been selected for a research grant from TEPCO Memorial Foundation
2023-05-12 北陆先端科学技术大学院大学 | [May 30, 2023]The 1st Seminar of Research Areas(Computing Science Research Area)"Lossy Multi-terminal Cooperative Networks, Queueing, and Decision Making: Erlang, Shannon, and Neyman-Pearson Meet in 6G Networks"
2023-05-10 University of Yamanashi | Paper by Assoc. Prof. Chen and his students was selected as a hot article in 2023 by the Royal Society of Chemistry’s journal, Chemical Science