2023-12-07 北陆先端科学技术大学院大学 | PFN, IIJ and JAIST to Launch Joint Research Project on Ultra-High-Efficiency AI Computing Infrastructure
2023-12-06 University of Yamanashi | Mr. Soichiro Hirai, a second-year master’s course student of Special Educational Program on River Basin Environmental Science in Department of Engineering, received the Environmental Technology/Project Award at the 60th Environmental Engineering Forum.
2023-12-01 University of Yamanashi | Department of Science for Advanced Materials student Yuki Kawaguchi won the Outstanding Poster Award at the 14th International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors, ICNS-14
2023-12-01 University of Yamanashi | A paper by Prof. Makoto Uchida of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Nanomaterials Center and their coworkers, ” Impacts of Pt/Carbon Black Catalyst Surface Hydrophilicity on Ionomer Distribution and Durability during Water-Generating Load Cycling of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells ” published on November 9, 2023 in the journal ACS Applied Energy Materials by The American Chemical Society, was selected be featured on the supplementary cover of the journal.
2023-11-30 北陆先端科学技术大学院大学 | The 2nd Japanese Cultural Excursion of 2023 : Gold Leaf Experience
2023-11-24 北陆先端科学技术大学院大学 | [January 11-12, 2024] JAIST International Symposium on Nano-Materials for Novel Devices 2023 (JAIST-NMND2023)
2023-11-20 北陆先端科学技术大学院大学 | [December 8, 2023] International Symposium on Materials Informatics 2023
2023-11-20 University of Yamanashi | Hiroshi Araki (M.E., FY2020) and Prof. Motonobu Hattori won the Best Paper Award at the 6th International Conference on Information and Communications Technology (ICOIACT 2023)
2023-11-14 北陆先端科学技术大学院大学 | [December 12, 2023] Symposium on Transformative Knowledge Management
2023-11-13 University of Yamanashi | Title: President NAKAMURA Kazuhiko with delegates from the University of Yamanashi visited Hangzhou Dianzi University in China, to attend the opening ceremony of the Master’s dual-degree program
2023-11-10 北陆先端科学技术大学院大学 | [December 14, 2023]Seminar of Materials Chemistry Frontiers Research Area "From malaria research to identification of clinical candidate for Parkinson treatment: A ray of hope for the incurable disease"
2023-11-09 University of Yamanashi | Paper by Prof. Kakinuma and Master course student of Ryuji Ohno was selected to be featured on the back cover of the journal.
2023-11-08 University of Yamanashi | International students participated in the kick-off event of the international exchange “World Forest Yamanashi” organized by Yamanashi Prefecture
2023-11-08 北陆先端科学技术大学院大学 | Application period for Examination for Admission on Recommendation for Overseas Residents starts today