2021-11-22 University of Yamanashi | Online Joint Class with the University of Northern Iowa
2021-11-19 University of Yamanashi | FY2021 the 1st Council for the Promotion of Cooperation between the 5 Towns in Kyonan area and the University of Yamanashi was held
2021-11-19 University of Yamanashi | The Education Program, which proposed by the Center for International Exchange, was selected under the FY2021 Inter-University Exchange Project
2021-11-17 University of Yamanashi | Participation in the Hydrogen x Sports Day in Yamanashi ‘Let’s have fun learning about hydrogen with Vanfore Kofu
2021-11-17 University of Yamanashi | The Trade Representative from the Republic of Tatarstan and others visited the Fuel Cell Nanomaterials Center
2021-11-16 University of Yamanashi | Innovation & Research Driven Career Support Program for International Students (IRCS) was certified as the Education project by MEXT
2021-11-16 大阪市立大学 | C型肝炎病毒经口治疗药证实可以降低肝癌治疗后的癌细胞扩散风险
2021-11-16 大阪市立大学 | 金儿晓嗣名誉教授、津岛行男名誉教授获得2021年秋瑞宝中绶章
2021-11-16 大阪市立大学 | 第五次快举!医学研究生院下野准教授在影像诊断大赛中获得世界冠军
2021-11-16 大阪市立大学 | 女性研究人员支援室】第8届 大阪市立大学 女性研究人员特别奖・奖励奖 [冈村奖] 获奖者公布
2021-11-16 大阪市立大学 | 2022年度以后上课日程・上课时间变更的相关通知
2021-11-16 大阪市立大学 | “第71届银杏庆典活动”顺利召开
2021-11-16 大阪市立大学 | 我校新冠疫情方针(第20-1版)
2021-11-15 北陆先端科学技术大学院大学 | JAIST Prevention Measure for the Infection of Novel Coronaviruses(Updated of November 12, 2021)
2021-11-10 University of Yamanashi | Innovation & Research Driven Career Support Program for International Students (IRCS) held the Debriefing Session for the Internship
2021-11-09 北陆先端科学技术大学院大学 | The first Japanese Cultural Excursion of 2021:Making coasters from Cypress wood
2021-11-05 University of Yamanashi | Paper by Prof. Miyatake and his coworkers was selected to be featured on the front cover of the journal
2021-11-04 北陆先端科学技术大学院大学 | Associate Professor Nagao et al.'s paper was selected as Hot Article at CrystEngComm
2021-11-04 University of Yamanashi | Groundbreaking-ceremony was held at University of Yamanashi Hospital
2021-11-02 大阪市立大学 | 2021年度 业界・企业研究/OBOG交流在线研讨会(10月~12月)
2021-11-02 北陆先端科学技术大学院大学 | 【To All the Applicants】Selection Method for the Regular Examination of Master's Program (January 8 (Sat.) & 9 (Sun.))
2021-11-02 大阪市立大学 | 本次主题是“秋之甜点”(生活科学院&研究生院 学生原创菜谱卡项目)
2021-11-02 大阪市立大学 | 全球首次使用全基因组序列数据对维多利亚湖地区疟疾原虫的遗传性多样性进行评价
2021-11-02 大阪市立大学 | 新冠疫情校长寄语(第22报:“感谢大家超级别的忍耐! 接下来我们迎接新的常规生活”)