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Master's Program

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Entry Timing: Apr.
Term Commencement: Apr. / Oct.
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Curriculum Policy of Institution
Japanese Language Course at an Affiliated School (Separate Admission Process for the University)

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MEXT Research Students Scholarship

Types of Professional Qualifications
  • Public Health Nurse
  • Midwife
  • Eligibility Requirements for the Certified Nurse Specialist (Psychiatric Nursing) Examination


As of May 1, 2023



Local Students

Master's Program

Number of Spring Admissions
Number of Spring International Admissions
Number of Non-degree Seeking Students
Number of Graduating Students in 2023 (International Students)
9 ()
Completion Rate in 2023
100 %
Completion Rate of Doctoral Programs for International Students in 2023


As of May 1, 2023

  • Student : Faculty Ratio (both Full-time)


Post-graduate Pathways

As of May 1, 2023

Master's Program

Number of Graduating Students who Continue Education
Number of Graduating Students Employed (Upon Graduation)
Main Pathways for International Students
Number of International Graduating Students Employed in Japan (Upon Graduation)
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Entrance Exam for International Students

As at 01st 04 2023

Admission Policy of Institution
Entrance examination provisions for international students
Name of Procedures for International Admissions and Program
Consultation for Prospective Students Overseas
Special Arrangement on Admission for Persons with Disabilities
  • Time for exam extended by 1.5 times or 1.3 times
  • Permission to take exam in Braille; use of question sheets with a font that is 1.4 times larger and paper sheets that are twice as large; use of a magnifying glass; etc.
  • Intention can be expressed using an AAC device or computer
  • Sign-language interpreter, helper available
  • Exemption from listening portion or permission to control audio on listening portion
  • Consideration given to location of exam room (e.g., distance from restroom and elevator)
  • Other special measures such as use of walking sticks, hearing aids, wheelchairs, and specially made desks, etc.
Transfer within the Institution
Transfer from Another Institution
Options for Testing / Qualifications
Application Timing

Entrance Exam for All Students

Information on Selection Method (for All Students)

Master's Program

  • General

Tuition and Fees

As at 01st 04 2023

Master's Program

Tuition Fees
First Year   Max: 535,800 yen / Min: 535,800 yen
Second Year   Max: 535,800 yen / Min: 535,800 yen
Admission Fee
282,000 yen
Admission Fee
520,000 yen
Fees Charged during Student Short-time Leave
no payment

Special Payment Arrangements

As at 01st 04 2023

Late Payment Plan
Installment Payment Plan
Tuition Waivers
Student may Apply for Waiver or Reduction of Tuition


Grants (All Students may Apply)
Grants (All International Students may Apply)
Loans (All Students may Apply)